Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions of Sale below, to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase of our product.

Before you Buy
Please be aware that, because of the weight constraints associated with our product being installed against the hosel of your golf clubs, our product is neither water-proof nor scratch-proof. We recommend that it is stored in the neoprene pouch provided.

Note:– Before purchasing an OnsongSwing golf training aid, please check that your golf club shaft sizes are compatible with our product.

The OnsongSwing is designed to snap onto the parallel section of most golf club shafts next to the club head (against the hosel).The device can be safely installed on clubs with parallel shaft tip diameters between 8.25mm and 9.55mm (0.325 inches – 0.375 inches, 5/16″-3/8″).

Installation of the device on golf clubs with shaft diameters outside of these dimensions (or clubs fitted with shafts that have a constant taper through their length, such as rifle shafts) may result in damage to your device and/or the device detaching from the club during use.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please allow a minimum of 5-10 working days for all deliveries.